We are the first company in the world to provide complete inheritance management services. We believe the heirs can maximize the business valuations and protect interest of all stake holders in business if operations continue professionally during a personal crisis. A qualified and experienced team of finance, marketing, HR management and operations management will provide much needed support to such families when they are going through emotional challenges.

Sara Pearl is a basic service that deals with handling all the issues for transmission of assets from husband/father to wife or children. We take away stress of all the legal and administrative work till the assets are transferred in the name of legal owners. Heirs who are in business or occupation of their own and have other responsibilities may not find time for lengthy formalities. They may not have expertise in dealing with such issues. They will immensely benefit from this service. In case assets are located in more than one country, additional help will be provided in respective countries.


Sara Gold is educational and training service. Women/Heirs have different educational background. We will assess the knowledge gap between their skills and reality of the situation that they need to handle. We will design a course according to their needs. We will relate their learning to their business. We will also give them first hand experience of the application of the knowledge in their business. A dedicated trainer will be appointed who will mentor them appropriately through each business process.


During an emotional crisis, it is not easy for any human being to focus on practical side of life. We will handle the business inherited on behalf of the women/heirs as trustees. Once the women/ heirs gets grip on her / their personal affairs, fill their knowledge gap; we will gradually help her/ them take over the business affairs. Thus, saving the business from collapsing, preventing desperate sale of business and preserving it's value.